Long Beeps on AWARD Bios

What do they mean? (every one off them is about 2 seconds long)

I use the onboard VGA card, and nothing is showing on the screen
just those damn Beeps!

PLZ help!
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  1. Check your fans if they are spinning and try taking your memory out and then putting back in.
  2. I would check that the CPU heat sink and fan are mounted properly and reseat the memory modules.
  3. Yes, I tried swapping the RAM to the other slot and back,
    and yes, all the fans are spinning fine and mounted.

    oh I forgat to mention, at first there where no beeps, just blackness.
    Then I tried CLEARING THE CMOS with the jumper, nothing happened
    so I returned the jumper back, and THEN the beeps started.

    Maybe something went wrong with the BIOS?
  4. Did you follow the instructions in the motherboard manual on how to correctly clear the CMOS?
  5. I red the manual, there were no instructions on how,
    just a drawing that shows to config the jumpers on 2-3 and so I did.

    Do you think I currupted the CMOS or something?
    Remember that the computer didn't work even before I did that.

    SEE HERE: http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/3494/biosi.gif
  6. When clearing the CMOS the power supply must be turned off completely or unplugged from the power outlet. Wait for the +5V standby power LED to go out before attempting to clear the CMOS.

    To clear the CMOS, the jumper is only suppose to be applied momentarily to the appropriate pins and then put back to its neutral position before the power is turned back on.

    If you would provide information on the make and model of the system it would help us to help you in troubleshooting this problem.
  7. ECS RS485M-M (V1.0)

    Did you see the link I posted in my last post?
  8. I just took a look a the image you posted.

    Did you leave the jumpers on pins 2-3 when you turned the power back on? If you did that would be what is causing the beeping.

    You have to return the jumper back to pins 1-2 before reapplying the power.
  9. No, When the jumper is 2-3 , there is no beeps.
    when I get it back to 1-2 then the beeps start.
  10. After the jumper has been placed on PINs 2-3 for several seconds it should be returned to pins 1-2.

    The beeping is telling you that there is something wrong. The beeps you describe points to a problem with RAM. What is the make and model of the memory module(s)?

    Did you connect the 4 pin 12 Volt cable from the power supply to the connector labeled 25 in the manual?

    What video card is being used in this build? A single short beep is usually heard as the first and only beep when the video card has passed its power on self test. After this initial beep you should be able to see something on the monitor.

    What happens to the beep code when there's no memory modules installed? Does it change?
  11. Ya, I don't think the problem is with the bios.

    I use a Patriot 1GB DDR2 800 Stick that I took from another working computer,
    So it Should be fine. (I don't have other DDR2 chips to check now)


    I use the internal Video Connector ( I think it's X300 Chip), and no short beeps
    only long ones :(

    No RAM ==> Same beeps.
  12. If the beep code didn't change, with the memory modules removed, then the motherboard doesn't appear to recognize your memory module.
  13. But it Should support PC2-6400 modules, right?
  14. Like ko888 said, if you are getting a continuous series of long beeps, you have a RAM problem. It could be the memory. It could also be a problem with the motherboard: RAM sockets, memory controller, even the power regulator for the RAM. It does the same thing that the CPU power regulator does. It steps (not quite accurate, but close enough) the 3.3 volts from the PSU down to around 2 volts.

    If you are getting the same beeps with known good RAM (works in another system), try changing the motherboard.
  15. What do they mean? (every one off them is about 2 seconds long)

    Hi Doorman,

    You would think (logically) the Award Beep Codes are all standard. Too simple for engineers!

    The beep codes are not standardized, but are modified extensively by the motherboard manufacturers.

    For example on my Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD7 motherboard, continuous long beeps means the Graphics Card is not inserted properly.
    Since you are using an onboard graphics chip, it means something else.

    What Motherboard company are you using, and what is the model. That may help others who have that MB to look it up.
    Usually they are listed in the manual, under troubleshooting.

    John VK
  16. it's ECS RS485M-M (V1.0).

    jsc - The thing is the friend who gave me this computer has checked it
    and he said it was working. (with his RAM)

    I will buy a new Stick and try it.

    BTW, it uses a 300W FSP PSU, at first I didn't think in was ok for this system
    but the friend has told me he has been using this Coputer for years, and all was ok.
  17. BAD NEW guys :(
    I bought a new DDR2 Chip, and still the same Beeps!!!

    Whats now?
  18. Just an update ....

    I tried another PSU and another RAM, and still Beepin' :S
    Is is safe to say the problem is in the GPU? Should I buy a PCIE CARD?
  19. When your friend gave you the computer why didn't he include the working RAM with it? How do you know if the memory slot wasn't damaged in some way when he removed the RAM module?

    If you can borrow a PCIe graphics card to test with, do so. When you do install the graphics card, the onboard graphics will be automatically disabled.
  20. He kept them to himself or gave them to a friend, I dunno - He just told me:
    "Here's a free good computer, Just buy RAM and HDD for it, and it'll work great" :D

    I don't think he damaged it, he's very careful and good with electronics.

    Ya I was thinking just that, But I can't find anyone with one, so I'll have to wait for
    the friend to get back. I'll let you know when I'll check.
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