Dvd writer takes 1hr to write 4.5gb data

Hi all. This dvd writer i bought new:

Samsung SATA True Direct SH-S223 22X/22X

takes 1hr and 10minutes to write a single dvd.

the data is on my hard drive.

Both are SATA, both are new, data is not networked, i am running UDMA mode.

specs of system are:

P4 630 3.0GHz prescott
1gb ddr2
ati radeon 4830 512mb

why is is taking so long? also it takes 1 hr to copy data of 4.7gb apx to the hardisk. :fou:

I need desperate help....
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  1. What hard drive do you have? It is a potential bottleneck, especially if there are hard drive intensive background tasks like a virus scan going on, you also may have encountered an issue from your limited ram as it cant load most of the data onto the ram and must keep waiting on the hard drive. What speed did you burn it at? At 1x it will take about an hour to burn a complete DVD.
  2. Have you tried different media? Have you tried updating the firmware? Did you check in device manager that you are running in UDMA mode?
  3. i have a western digital 16mb sata 500gb which i bought new
    no background task
    ram: i dont think so, 1 gb should be enough.....i burnt at 22x

    i did not try a different media, i will do that now....coz i had a 100dvd pack..... no did not update the firmware....any guidelines on how to do that will be appreciated! yes i did check in the device manager!
  4. nah same man....
  5. ok,working now, some window problem....
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