Bios won't hold settings Asus P8Z77-M

Hey, i just upgraded my PC and went with an Asus P8Z77-M and an i5 3750K 3.4 Ghz and a Radeon 7950.

I am having a problem with the bios not holding my overclock setting and returning them to the stock settings every time.
but it's kind of strange, because if i do extreme changes the bios won't post until it does its parameter recall.

So i can't even get an overclock of 100Mhz because everytime i boot the bios loads the default settings. (even if i save them in the bios)

What i have done:
I updated the Bios to the latest version.
I check the CMOS jumper to make sure it's in the right position.

What else can i do to get the settings to "stick?"
i hope i'm just missing something simple.
These parts are not even a month old yet.
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  1. use the cmos jumper and clear the bios. (unplug the power from the power supply and let the mb 5v led go out first). keep the jumper moved for a few min then connect it back and see if the cmos holds. if the setting do not chech to see that the cmos battery is in right and not lose. if it fine and the bios still acting up..check that you have the right bios on your mb. (sometime there two rev of mb 1.x and 3x. you may have a 1.x board and you put a 3x bios on it. or the wrong mode bios onto your mb.
    if you think you put the wrong bios on...use the usb flashback port..power off the pc..put in a usb stick into the usb flashback port. have on it a renamed bios cap file per asus web page. hold the flashback button in for 3 sec and let it go..if the file is named right the flash back port let will change it blink speed...then turn off.
    old video put if works the same for all boards with the port.
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