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:pfff: I just recently purchased the pny gtx 260 graphics card. I installed with much headache on my Gateway DX 4200. It has AMd phenom 4 cpu with 1.8 clock speed. I also replaced the psu with a 650 watt and installed 7.1 sound card. I am having alot of trouble getting decent frames on any game especially Farcry 2. The fps stay the same no metter what the settings are set to. I have reinstalled the drivers for this thing around 3 times now. I cant find any way to overclock the cpu(which i think is the main issue). I guess i would like to hear from someone who might know a little bit more than me about my options. If anyone knows of a cpu that would work good with 780g chipset on the amd motherboard with the same socket as the one I already have i would really aprreciate it.
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  1. cant overclock on gateway/dell/hp etc computers. they disable it in bios
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    You could go with another AM2+ cpu or even AM3 although I doubt that the gateway bios would support that. Here are all the AM2+ cpu's on newegg
    And the AM3 which are better
    You would have to find out from Gateway what your motherboard supports.
  3. Can you tell me anything about the sockets and how I will know if they are compatible? I have thought about buying a completly different moterboard all together. The only thing is I have already bought a new psu and this motherboard has
    a 24pin and 4pin plug on it and most that I have seen have 24 and 6 pin plugs. Also this is a new hobby for me and I am not to sure as to what is a good board and what is not(hence me buying a dx4200 to begin with)?
  4. The current CPU you have now is AM2+ socket and you have a 780G chip set on the motherboard that points to your Motherboard being AM2+. Most of those support AM3 cpu's which are better than the original phenoms. To find out for sure you would have to check with Gateway. If you on the other hand want to get a new motherboard and stick in the case with a better CPU there is plenty of micro ATX boards available that support AM3 CPU's and DDR2 ram for a reasonable price. The brand s to look for would be Gigabyte, Asus and MSI and they would have to support AM2+ and AM3 under socket.
  5. A friend of mine offered to let me have a amd dual cpu he has clocked at 3.2. would this make a difference you think? It too has the am2+ socket and gaming cpu.
  6. If it is a X2 Kuma core (x2 7750 or x2 7850) it will help with gaming but hurt multitasking.
  7. it is a amd atholon 64 2.5 gh am2+, I have read that some game application are not designed to take advantage of the qaud core tech. Would you be able to shed any light on this?
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