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Hi. I'm new to this site and actually I'm new to ANY online forum that fixes computer problems :p . The reason why I'm here is driving me completely INSANE! Okay so here's my problem. I have this "older" computer which I'm on right now and I'm having lagging/flickering problems when trying to view videos on YouTube. I've tried Google Chrome, IE, and Mozilla with all the exact same problems. Every video lags, the frames skip on every browser, and the sound gets messed up because of the video lag.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 256MB video card and it's connected to an Acer 21.5' LED monitor. I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3 and have an Intel P4 CPU (2.00GHz) with 1.46GB RAM.

NOTE: When I inserted a DVD to play video, it ran completely fine! No lags/frame skips or whatever. The problem seems to be with running the videos from my browser. I've updated both monitor/video card drivers, have up-to-date Windows Updates, and anything else that CAN be updated, I've updated.

I've searched this forum in attempts to solve my problem, but all the suggestions I've tried ended up with no luck (updating drivers, deleting random registry keys etc...). I wonder if my system needs upgrading? Like more RAM? The maximum I can add is about 512MB more for a total of 2GB, not sure if that will help much or not.

If any other information is needed, PLEASE ask. Thank you so much in advance to whoever can help me with this! :D
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  1. What speed is your internet connection?
  2. My ISP provides me with 32 MBps download speed, but on THIS computer with Windows XP and N-wireless adapter/router, my results are only 4.71 Mbps download and 2.80 Mbps upload.

    However, on my laptop I get close to 25-28 MBps in the same room as the Wireless N-router.
  3. That is your issue,not enough to buffer the video.
  4. Are you sure? I let each video load for atleast 5 minutes until the bar is completely loaded (mind you, I'm not even selecting the 720P or 1080P video options).
  5. Hard to say with older machines,my girlfriends XP laptop with an n rosewill adapter is
    laggy on youtube and hulu.
  6. Does the xp have all the service packs?
  7. I just tried running a music video at 240P and it runs way better than the default 360P, but it still lags when I refresh other tabs such as this website. Do you think it could be a system memory problem or something besides the internet? How come a video from the DVD drive works fine, isn't that kind of weird?

    Thanks for your quick replies by the way!

    EDIT: Yes, I have all the updates for SP3
  8. Yeah that could come into play.
  9. So, what do you suggest I do? I can post an Everest report here with my full PC specifications if you'd like.
  10. I just think the age of the machine with older hardware is causing it.
  11. I want to agree, but is there anything else I can do?
  12. Hello? Anyone?
  13. Try to install "Adobe Flash player".
  14. princesiddiqui said:
    Try to install "Adobe Flash player".

    You serious?
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