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Hi I have the Hyper 212+ and I have a core i5-750 @ 4.0ghz 1.34Vcore. Recently I noticed my computer froze and I wasn't sure why. Later on I just wanted to do some benchmarking and I noticed my temp's got VERY high. I'm at 54C(from 30C in the past). I think it's the fan but im not too sure. Under the Bios and Aisuite it says fan is at 2k RPM(max) but it doesn't feel as powerful as it did before, I could be wrong. Any idea's?
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  1. Sorry I meant to say I'm at 54C Idle, and 90C full load. I already rebooted it to stock once I saw the Temp hit 90C. Stock idles at 45C which is still very high.
  2. Re-seat your heatsink. Why do you think its the fan? Is the fan working? Try replacing the fan with one you have laying around if possible.
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