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Hi there,

I've seen benchmarks on several websites, this one included where they test Mass Effect and Fall Out 3. I would like to compare my system to those results but I don't know how to run the benchmark tests ? Could someone please explain it to me.

I want to know how my system fares with Mass Effect and Fall Out 3. Crysis I can benchmarks easily but the other two I'm not sure. Please help. Thanks.
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  1. I don't play those games, but you can always use fraps. Fire up fraps, load your game and when your ready start fraps. (F11 by default IIRC) Play for a bit, then exit. You should have a folder in your fraps directory that now says something like "Fall out 3 date minmaxagv.cvs. Open that with notepad and see what your scores were.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    As 4745454b said,install Fraps and check with it,but Fraps has a problem and its minimum FPS.
    When the game saves in a specific section,your FPS goes down to like 5 and then goes normal and therefor your minimum FPS won't be accurate,you can try to disable saving(if the game has it)and then you can check your min FPS accurately
  3. Hi guys,

    But that doesn't help because I want to compare my system to others, not with some random map sample that I can just use Fraps for.

    Surely there must be a set map or a set command that people use otherwise how else does Toms measure Fall Out 3 ? I want to compare my card and cpu to other systems from THW...

  4. Sorry, I should have been specific; I'm looking for a time demo to use in Fraps. Surely Toms Hard Ware used a time demo to test for Fall Out 3 ? The same for Mass Effect. That way the results will be repeatable.
  5. Anyone ?
  6. Every site benchmarks games differently and uses different maps/portions of the games, usually repeatedly, to make an average benchmark for each card. So the answer is no, you cannot specifically repeat the exact benchmarking method used by sites unless they describe exactly what they did in detail or the game comes with a benchmarking tool that say they used.
  7. That's very disappointing. Don't writers from Toms regularly post here ? Wouldn't they be able to give us those details ?
  8. It really should be very easy to use fraps to see if your system is running close to the what is reported in the benchmarks. Is there a reason why do you need to EXACTLY duplicate the benchmarking methods? All of the other components in your system would have to be the same as the testing rig as well to get the exact same results.
  9. Why would I need the same components ? I don't want identical results. That's why it's called a benchmark test. LOL.

    I just need the same conditions so that I can make comparisons. You know, the same time demo. That would at least give us a means to compare systems to each other, different video cards, cpu's etc.etc.etc
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