File download dialog box doesn\'t pop up anymore Windows 7

my download dialog box won't appear anymore, instead a thin rectangular white box with yellow trimming pops up, and it will say its going to run/open/ or save something, but it doesn't. how do i fix this so i can download things from the internet again?
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  1. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla FF and never have that problem again.
  2. Do you have any download managers installed?

    Try right clicking the item you want to save and select "Save As".
  3. I assume you're referring to IE8/9.
    Internet options
  4. If you just choose the save button, it will download your files to the "User\downloads" folder.
    If you click on the save "arrow", it will open the windows exployer folder. You can then navigate to the directory you want to save the file in.

    It kind of a cool feature, if you ask me.
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