Hello, i just have got my computer working again and the sounds not working and my wedbcams not working i need to know what to do? =D
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  1. You need to load there drivers for them to work until then your computer has no clue what they are.

    What OS your running?
    What soundcard do you have?
    And what webcam you trying to install?
  2. my uncle did all that for me i have windows xp just an old webcam i have the drivers for the webcam
  3. Well you need to find out what sound card you have and go download the drivers for them.
  4. anyway i can find out buy taking it and reading or anything?
  5. It should say what it is on the card its easy to remove it and look at it.
  6. yea i know how to built them an all but the drivers confuse me.. and once ive done that and found out what it i can look it up and download the drivers an it should all work?

    thanks heaps for ya help mate
  7. did that all mate but still not working D=
    anything else i can do?
  8. Did you find out what sound card it is tell me what it is . Also if you go to control panel>sytem>device manager is there a yellow question mark over your sound device?
  9. radeon 960 256m DDR V/D/VO is all that was on it.

    it has yellow question marks on
    multimedie audio controller and theres 2 of them
    and one on USB camera
  10. is it easyer to take card out an use on bord one? i tryed to do that but still wouldnt work..
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