New gaming system?

Will this be a good gaming computer for $800?

INTEL Core i5-750 2.66GHz Lynnfield / 8MB L2 Cache / 1333MHz FSB / 95W TPD / 45NM / LGA 1156

ASROCK P55 Pro Mobo with Intel P55 Chipset

Hard Drive:

4GB DDR3 1333 (Kingston 2GB x 2)

PALIT GeForce GTX260 Sonic 216SP 896MB / 448bit / DDR3 / Dual Link DVI and VGA / HDMI

Power Supply:
HEC TRUE RATED 500 Watts Power Supply

PC Casing:
High Quality Bluetech S21 PC Case

Optical Drive:
Lite-On 24x IHAS-324 sata

Thanx for your reply
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  1. Looks pretty good for the parts you selected, except the HEC PSU. I prefer: Corsair/Antec/PCP&C/Seasonic PSU's, because of quality and warranties. Could you send me a link to that PSU??
    I'd also consider AMD 4890/5770 over the nVidia gtx260 216 core GPU, but that is just me. I don't know if they are the same price or better.
  2. ^Agreed. Also, I couldn't find the case. Mind linking?
  3. Yeah, I'd also say get a better PSU. If you are thinking about SLI latter on then it also makes sense to get a better PSU with a higher rating.
  4. I probably wouldn't OC that system on that PSU. It's only rated at about 76% efficient (at best), and has 32A on the combined 12v rails. It might be fine, but I wouldn't use it. Like I said before, I'd rather use a quality PSU over one that might be marginal.
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