Is integrated graphics better for me?

While my 4890 is being RMA'ed, I'm using a Geforce 7100GS 128MB that I overclocked to 475/1000Mhz. Windows gives me a 3.6 for graphics and 3.5 for gaming. That's normal since it's a weak card, but I tried my integrated graphics and it scores better. My onboard graphics gets 4.1 for graphics and 5.1 for gaming. Is it possible that my integrated graphics may actually be better?
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  1. It is a toss up between those two, cant get a weaker 7xxx series card and the more resent Integrated.
  2. The integrated is a Geforce onboard 9200, so I guess it makes sense that it's better.
  3. Yes it is going to be better.
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