Corsair Hydro Series H100 & Corsair 300R Gaming Chassis

Hey guys I just have a really quick question I'd like to ask. I have the Corsair 300R Gaming Chassis and I'm thinking of getting the Corsair Hydro Series H100 while returning my air cooler.

The thing is I'm not so sure if the liquid cooler will fit in the chassis. Can anyone tell me if it would?
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  1. the H100 rad uptop internally due to it being a closed loop cooler will cause you to either bang into the mosfet/ramsink areas ->maybe even the CPU/pump unit.

    MY advice would be to save the $100+~ and invest in a real watercooler like the XSPC Rasa 240/360 kit. or just go full blown and add everything that needs cooling into the mix.

    That way your set on cooling it the right way instead of hacking the case up to make a fake watercooler fit. :P

    Take my advice, I come from the H50 - have also modded it and will soon be on the custom watercoolers list of tinkerers -> might want to check out my AMS + Vintage case mod builds.

    my 2 cents
    * and do take this blokes work
  2. Dude, sorry for the late reply. Just want to say that the link you gave me is crazy man. I'd love a setup like that. But I'm inexperienced in watercooling that's why I wanted to know about the H100.

    With that being said I'll definitely check out the suggestion you gave me and see if I can educate myself a bit.

    Any extra advice would be cool too. Thanks again.
  3. To tell you the truth the H100 is a real buggy piece of crap. It can give up on you and maybe even cause leakage according to the user reviews i read!! I have assembled a gaming pc on corsair 300r before and I am telling you, the space there is not enough for H100, you might have to squeeze it in. Try getting the Noctua Nh d14. same performance as h100, no worries, less price. Check if it fits on 300r as well!!
  4. @ chizzah - read up on the watercooling sticky. I just finished a write up on closed loop coolers. Stay tuned on the watercooling sticky for that too. The trick is to go slow and take it in one at a time.

    If you read'll also notice that these "so called" watercoolers are compared against high/mid ranged ranged air coolers. Whereas real watercooling isn't really comparable apples to apples with the highest end air coolers.

    *extra advice? save that H100 money and go for the real deal :)
    +Your welcome.

    @ Ayux - I think an Hyper 212 Evo will fit. That performs just about close enough to a NH D14.
  5. All about the Custom Watercooling :)
  6. Thanks guys for all your replies.. Think things just got really real lol

    So now I'm off the H100 buzz which saves me more money because I was ready to get rid of my 300R to get a 500R.

    I'm now interested in real water cooling because I want to overclock as much as I can as safely and stable as possible.

    The XSPC RASA, Hyper 212 Evo and if it fits the NH D14 is looking like the best options at the moment (the last two being air coolers is okay imo). The only problem I have other than a budget exceeding R3,000 (around $350) for water cooling is the availability limitations we have here in South Africa concerning it.

    I bought my system online and we only have two really good online stores in SA with okay to okay-ish prices. Think the only one of the three options I mentioned before I can actually get is the 212 Hyper Evo.

    If I go with the 212 I'd want to get at least a stable 4.5GHz with my 3570K (I know all chips aren't the same but hopefully if this chip is average it could work). So what do you guys think?

    Other than that I can list the water cooling options the one site has available and maybe you guys can help me build a custom WC system (won't be installing it myself though).
  7. the 22~32nm chips are very cool running they offer that overclock ^ at a reasonable temp. The Hyper will carry its own weight plus some more! If you're in SA, then I understand how your prices are high. I think one other thing in the watercooling aspect is the availability of parts in a locality.

    Budget will be a lil more easier on you if went for the Hyper Evo. BTW the NH D14 - is a real massive cooler. For the Evo, I dunno about it coming with two fans but swap them out for some noiseblockers/Noctua NF F-12 fans.

    Another advice for you would be - NEVER GET A WATERCOOLED SYSTEM ASSEMBLED BY SOMEONE ELSE! always do it yourself cos asking the guy to flush/fill and prime your system every 6 months will kill your wallet!
  8. Hey just want to say thank you again. I understand what you're saying completely.

    I just called the place and they said its cool if I returned the sealed cpu cooler I have (didn't open it because I wasn't sure how to install it). So now I'm going for the Hyper 212 instead but I just want to make sure it's the same thing you're referring to. Link one is the Coolermaster webpage and the second is from the site I buy from.

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    So as soon as someone confirms this is the right one then I'll go through the process. Thanks again. :)
  9. yeah that be it on landmark. Happy building+overclocking.
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