Corsair H40,60,80 vs Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo

Should I go for one of the Corsair watercoolers (not the H100 as it takes up too much room) or the Hyper 212 to cool my Phenom II 965 BE. The current temps are around 34 degrees up to high 50's under load(3.4GHz stock), this is with the stock cooler. can anyone give me an idea how much I'd be able to overclock with each cooler and a rough idea of the temps. Also, can anyone give me a comparison of the noise they produce?
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  1. H40/60/80 and 212 Evo will perform about the same...Evo might actually perform better than the H40. H100 will perform a little better, but not substantially (2-3C at most) for the price premium.
  2. noise? google will help you there

    I'd vote getting a XSPC rasa 750L RS240 kit for the price of a H100 unit. Since we're talking about watercooling - I'd want to mention that watercooling is more than just sticking a unit onto the cpu. You'll feel like cooling the GPU with that unit - but as you add more parts to a modded H100, its far more efficient to move onto a kit/custom loop design.

    My vote - NO fake watercooling units. If you really need a cooler - Hyper Evo is amazing for the price.
  3. I'm just going to get the Hyper, thanks for the advice :)
  4. I had a Hyper 212+ and it was a great cooler. The EVO performs a little better and is pretty quiet, and should you ever decide to tone down the noise with new fans, new fans + cooler will still be way less than an H-series cooler of comparable performance and noise.
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