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Little help with instability e6600/ddr3 1600

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July 24, 2012 6:35:44 PM

Hello -)
i have an gigabyte ep45t-ud3r 1.0 with an intel e6600@3.2ghz (1.45v at moment) and a 2x2gb pack of corsair xms3 1600 9-9-9-24 1.8v which is the stock setting.

been a bit away from the oc scene since the days of my amd thunderbird. nowadays this board is full of options i don´t really understand and i basically just mess around with vcore and dimm voltage to try a get a stable setup... which im not really managing.

The problem is some ramdom BSOD always with usbhost.sys or usbaudio.sys... any opinion on this?
Because im not really getting if its the mems or the cpu the problem..
If i lower the cpu to 2.4 (stock) and leave the mems @ 1600mhz it stops crashing.
If i leave my cpu @ 3.2 and lower the mems to say 1400mhz it also stops crashing. remembering the days of headaches around my amd lol...(which i loved by the way -p)
I have my fsb @ 400 and cpu x8, is there still the problem with pci´s getting stressed with the fsb high?
i already tried a lot of voltage settings on my cpu (up to 1.6v) and also my ram at 1.9v and 2.0v but i dont really like using higher voltages in ram.
Sometimes prime 95 runs for an hour, other times runs 2 minutes (with 3.2ghz/1600mhz)
OCCT never gets past like 10 minutes
Any ideas?

EDIT: My cpu temps @3.2 (1.45v) is around 20ºC idle and 45ºC full load

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July 26, 2012 11:30:00 AM

The problem is some ramdom BSOD always with usbhost.sys or usbaudio.sys... any opinion on this?
- this is more likely to be be faulty hardware or drivers. But it could be any number of things. not much help there, sorry. ram could cause this also.

with your ram, check to see if the mobo can actually support the 1600 clock speeds, or if there is a bios update out which addresses 'stability issues'.

fsb might be an issue, but there isnt much you can do if it is other than replace the board.

my advice.

Reset to stock speeds, voltages. update bios and drivers (if not already done).

see if you get any errors while the system is at stock (test the hell out of it)
then upspeed ONE thing at a time, start with the RAM as its likely to be the cause, then move to cpu and fsb.

leave the voltages alone, when you start getting errors then increase VERY gradually (smallest incremet possible). if you are making large (ie more than 20-30% stock v.) then it aint going to work, you'll have to reduce to before where it stopped working, remeber to drop voltages also.

hope this helps.
July 27, 2012 1:49:58 AM

humm...already did try all of that basicaly, i have the feeling is the ram also, but not sure. argh..
Well, drivers i have everything lupdated so i think maybe not..-/
my mb says it supports ddr3 up to 2200 mhz..and i have the latest bios.
If i reset everything to stock, 2.4ghz and 1600 mem it works..kinda weird and slower but it doesn´t crash...but if i use like 3.3ghz and 1400 mem it also doesn´t crash.