Liquid cooler or Air ?????

Hello everyone,

i have fx 8120 wanna clock it to 5GHZ with perfect temperatures i am bit confused i am reading lots or forums
some says if you wanna hit 5GHZ then get bets aftermarket air cooler like 5000RMP and rest of the peoples are in favor of liquid cooling like Corsair H60 what should i do ??? PLS HELP.

I have the perfect setting for clocking at 5ghz the pdf i have from AMD says.

The “air cooling” column and the suggested Voltage and Frequency values are based on the assumption that a high-end heatsink and fan is used.

i know i cant use the same settings from amd guide i'll hv to tweak somewhere but i have the same CPU

PLS HELP choosing the perfect cooler i have hafx 932. i am danm confused.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. For 5 ghz = liquid

    I've been stable at no better that 4.64 ghz on air with my FX8120.
  2. Hey Area51 thanks a lot you've been helping a lot thanks for the answer i am totally stable at 4.4 with the same settings shared by you in my last thread:)

    thank you will go for liquid
  3. Your welcome!
  4. BTW wid what air cooler your stable at 4.64 please can u mention the name or model no of air cooler.
  5. Hyper 21 EVO and with P\P and I have 4 cases fans.
  6. what are the maximum temps of ur CPU under 100% load ???
  7. 58 has been my highest in metro 2033
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