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I have always been interested in pc's. I know enough about software.
But I don't know anything about hardware. I've been searching the net for a good book or website, but can't really find what I'm looking for. What I'm searching is an overall guide of how it works, but also really the history of hardware.
Basically when somebody says to me I've got that pc with those specs I would be able to understand and even comment on the specs. I know it will take a while to do that. I just need is something to get me going. I've searched this site already but I get lost in all the articles. I didn't really where to post this but I thought this was the best place.

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  1. I would say these two stickies are a good starting point. Read through them and their links...

    Guide to Choosing Parts
    Homebuilt PC Buying Guide

    If you want ideas on builds or how to put a PC together, you can review the two stickies in my sig.

    Good Luck on your research. :)
  2. hey thanks for the help
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