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Hello, I am currently about to make a budget computer build and i have a Windows XP re installation disk that came with one of my older dell computers. I was wondering if the re installation disk would work with my computer build and install windows XP, so I could save some money, and not have to buy another copy of XP.
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  1. Yes the disk will work for installing xp. just make sure that if your ram is going to exceed 4gb that it is a 64 bit version. as well xp is quite out dated and some programs will not run on it. you may want to invest in windows 7 or wait for windows 8.
  2. You may be able to use the disk disk but you need to buy a new license key. An OEM one or the disk will not work with the key. The disk may not work anyway, depending on exactly what type of disk it is. Some setup disks only work with certain models of computers.

    If it is a full restore disk you have, it won't work with the new computer because of the difference in drivers, it probably won't boot.

    If you are building a new system, you should get Windows 7 for it.
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