Quick networking question..

I just moved into a house that has RJ45's built into the wall.

Comcast just came today to set up our internet service, and I've got my router here now. Do I just go Modem > Router WAN port. Then port 1 > wall anywhere for all wall jacks to have connection?

Do I need to set up the router differently?

Thank you for the help!

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  1. Check and see if you see any phone jacks anywhere. It's possible that the RJ45 ports you see are actually phone connections. You can plug an RJ11 cable into an RJ45 jack and it will work for phone service.
    If you see seperate phone jacks then you need to find out where all the RJ45 cables goto. That is where you will need to put the router.
  2. Hmm I see. Well I found two phone jacks through-out the entire house. I found the box that I believe the RJ-45's go to, but I have no idea what to do from there. I emailed the previous owner of the house to see how he had it set up, no idea if I will get a response or not so is there more I can do from here to try to figure this out?

    I've tried google for this.. and so far I'm getting nothing, so thank you for your help :).

  3. New homes that are equipped with RJ45/network connections are great. I just moved into my new home and it is all pre-wired. All those wall jacks will terminate at a central location to what's called a patch pane (this should be the 'box' that you refered tol. It'st most likely where all the phone jacks terminate and reside as well. Here's where you should keep all your router and network equipment (best case scenario)

    Hopefully your internet modem and line is all in the same area.
    Here's the scenario that will best fit for you I think.

    1. Modem connects to WAN port of Router
    2. Cable connects from LAN ports of Router to the Patch Panel of the corresponding wall jack (hopefully they labeled which port is which wall jack)
    3. Connect your device to the wall jack

    I tried to keep this simple enough for a mini crash course. Hope this helps. Of course every place is weird differently, but this is the general idea.
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