Am2 cpu into am2+ motherboard

hi all,
my motherboard is old and only runs gpus at 8x pci-e, i was looking to upgrade my whole system to ddr3 but ran into a few problems so now i am looking to do a minor upgrade.

i have got a am2 amd 64x2 5000+ cpu and a ecs nasty motherboard am2, but wanted to upgrade my motherboard to somehting better and was wondering if my 5000+ am2 cpu would fit into a am2+ motherboard.

i have been looking it up and got mixed views an i know my cpu wont benifit from the am2+ features but it would allow me to overclock my cpu and hopefully run my gpu in 16x pci-e and run my system better.

any help or opinions would be great.

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  1. If its am2+ it will work with an am2 cpu. Please list the motherboard you are looking at.
    not sure what motherboard i am getting but the board will am2+ and my cpu will be a athlon am2 and not a am2+, just wanted a upgrade to get some more fps but not sure if this slight upgrade will do much difference going from 8x to 16x pci-e
  3. the motherboard i am running at the moment is running the pci-e lane at 8x 1.0 and i am looking at upgrading to 16x 2.0 running a 8800gts 640mb is it worth the upgrade.

  4. thanks ct1615, the card i am running is a pci-e 16x and my board is only running it at 8x, the new board is running the pci-e lane at 16x so wont this change anything.

    can i just ask how it is a socket upgrade as i read the am2+ board wont change anything as it wil still be running as a am2 but i might of read it wrong.

    thanks for the replys.
  5. sorry yes now i understand, looking at the link you posted there is a slight increase in fps from the 8x to the 16x but i would still be happy with that as my cpu fits in to the am2+ and my future upgrade ( phenom 955 be ) fits in aswell on the board i am now looking at.

    my problem is that i was going to go to am3 but i need to change many parts and is too much up front and needed a upgrade soon, whats the difference between the am2+ and the am3 apart from the ddr3.
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