Picking a pump!

Hey guys, so I need a pump.

I've read plenty of threads and stickies on them, and I'm still having a little trouble finding the perfect solution.

I'm really considering the MCP35X as my pump


but I'm not really sure about flow rates. I want to make sure it's enough for my CPU-370 block, my GPU block, the fusion thermo block on the Maximus V, and the two radiators I'm housing. But I don't want it to create so much flow pressure where I have to worry about forced leaks and built-up pressure.

What can you guys tell me about the flow rate of this pump vs my setup?
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  1. There is flow rate, and head pressure. The more restriction you have in your loop the higher head pressure you need. The MCP35X is a strong pump with nice flow and even better head pressure, but don't take my word; research it. Always research before you buy.
    Some good places are
    Both of those sights can be found in the sticky at the top of the forum. If you havn't read it you should, it has lots of useful links and info on the exact question you are asking and everything else involved with watercooling.
  2. 1| You've opened a number of threads to ask multiple questions, It would be better to have one thread and ask all the questions there. From radiators to blocks. (my 2 cents on this though)

    2| the MCP35X is PWM controlled. I forgot which thread/sticky it was but there's a thread that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of each pump. Begining with the D5 all the way to a Laing DDC

    Choosing The Best Pump for Your WaterCooling System
    Watercooling Pumps Guide Section v1.4 links (nonsticky)

    3| the sticky is located in my sig.
    Edit:the sticky also has rich info of what to look for when shopping for pumps
  3. I added a lot of info in the sticky about pumps and specific data on each. I'm also adding some additional info as well in the form of another great sticky link. (thanks to Lutfij)
  4. :D just helping out bro!
  5. Just got done adding it to 'Pumps' in the sticky.
  6. Depends on the form factor you want this pump to be in!
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