HELP-Things are gone on my computer.NEED BACK

Ok the other day I downloaded a computer game off the net and iwon a another program downloaded with it and i ended up with 70 threats because of it,well I ran my AVG whole computer scan and it took them all off..Well that didnt fix the problem.I have missing things on my Windows XP computer,the start menu-all programs are gone!!In the control panel add and remove programs theres NOTHING there...I cant even do a system restore to try to fix anything..I think I have a trojan virus,Ive tried trojan removers and everything and nothings worked...Ive tried safe mode then running AVG again and still found nothing,Ive googled things that I could tried but many things I cant because things people say I cant do because I dont have the stuff in my start menu like search or my computer or things like that that I need to use to do things..I dont know what to do Ive tried everything!!Ive been told that its probably a trojan because the first thing they take out is system restore and add and remove programs and I dont have either of them..Can anyone please tell me what to do or what I can try,that I havent tried yet...I have AVG and Ive ran it several times and Ive downloaded several different types of trojan removers and it dont pick up anything :( IM HOPELESS
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  1. i ended up with 70 threats because of it < need a clean install
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  3. First up, if you actually format your post so it isn't a giant block of text, you will get more help.

    1. XP is an ancient operating system that is highly vulnerable to viruses and other Malware. There is nothing you can do to make it safe.

    2. You can't fix it by running AVG or any other tool. You can fix it by booting from the XP disk and running windows repair, but really you are better off wiping the drive completely and installing fresh.

    3. The best solution would be to install Windows 7 of course.
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