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Hello. My question is about my 965 clocked at 3.825 gigs. That idles at 28c then slowly climbs to 52c and shuts down soon after. i'm using a large air cooler with two 120mm fans. what type system would you suggest? thx keith
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  1. 52c is not hot enough to cause a problem it shouldnt shut down til it reachs over 70c Your shut down could be due to instability problem.
  2. Thx being new to this I'll go back to defaults.. Keith...
  3. Find a good guide for overclocking and read it if you have any questions about whatever guide you read i would be happy to help you with.
  4. You probably just pushed the OC a little too far. You don't have to go back to defaults, but you might have to tweak your settings a little (a little more voltage, or a little less clock speed) to get it stable. You can keep a solid overclock, especially sine you are only hitting 52C, which is by no means too hot. One thing to check though, is to see what your BIOS setting for the overheat shutdown temp is- it could be set very low (set to shut down at 52C) if thats the case, you can up that auto-shutdown temperature up to something in the 65-70 C range and be good to go.
  5. Thx I'll check bios first...
  6. no prob. Enjoy man.
  7. Sounds like your overclock isn't stable, not an overheating issue as 52C is fine. What voltage are you currently using? It's either not high enough, or it's possible your cpu won't do 3.8Ghz.
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