An old driver ruined my graphics card

HOpefully sum1 can help... i put i bought a new graphics card for my serverboard(pci slot) when i plugged in the hardware everything was goin fine i installed the driver for the card from the disc that came with it.....when i rebboted my cpu the screen would go blank a blink driver failure so i used the onboard vga to uninstall the driver then i put the card back in and it continued doing the same thing someone help...i dont want face the realization that i wasted 90$ on a card that i cant even use
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  1. Uninstall all drivers for your new card and the onboard vga.
    Reboot into bios and disable your onboard vga.
    Turn the pc off
    Connect your monitor cable to your new card after you have physically installed it.
    Boot into windows and all should be fine.
    Install the drivers for your new card.
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