P7P55D Rear USB port issues

Hello, I have the P7P55D mobo and the rear usb ports, ALL of them do not work with some devices. I get Code 10 in devman, device cannot start in windows 7 pro 64. Am I missing something here? Devices I have issues with is my Tritton AXPC Pro headset and a Logitech G15 Keyboard. They work ONLY on the front ports and if I have them both connected the mic doesn't work or the mic works and typing doesn't LOL, very odd. All my other devices work fine on those USB ports. Need some help here :)
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  1. USB ports work well with devices that consume 100 mA or less but may create problems with devices that consume 500 mA.

    If you have such high current consuming devices that you have to operate at the same time, you might be better off using a powered USB hub.

    Although USB ports are designed to operate at 500 mA max, they usually do not, especially the rear ones where most of the devices are connected to.

    In your M/B, there are 8 USB ports at the rear and 6 USB ports for the front. But most PC cases have two ports at the front so you do not use all six ports making front ports operate better. There are USB brackets that you attach at the back of the PC case and connect to front port headers.
  2. Right, so, in other words these devices use higher current and thats why they don't work? I will check out futureshop for a powered hub.
  3. Powered HUB has resolved the issue and an added plus... I no longer hear the computer chatter in my headset, really clear sound now. :)
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