Problems with a slow 7800 GTX

Wow, I havent posted here in years.

Also, I tried searching but I did not find a search button anywhere.

My system specs;

Vista 64-bit
6GB DDR2-800 (2x2GB, 1x2GB)
XFX Geforce 9300 Mobo
2 x 500GB 7200 RPM
Antec 500w PSU


7800 GTX

My buddy built the system and I added the 7800 GTX from an old Dell XPS 600 that had them in SLI. It was the bottom card.

3DMark is giving me almost 1500 less in score. Supposed to be 7600, giving me around 6100. I am playing two games that are getting worse FPS than I am getting on my laptop which has a Radeon HD 2600 Mobility. It is supposed to be an inferior card.

I have the latest drivers installed, removed components to make sure its getting enough juice, made sure AA and AF are off to ensure highest possible FPS, tried different resolutions. This thing is under performing admirably.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. All benchmarks seem to suggest otherwise.


    3DMark05 score of 5997


    3DMark05 score of 8032,2845,1830193,00.asp

    3DMark05 score of 7678,1171-8.html

    3DMark05 score of 7759


    All of this indicates that the 7800 GTX should be performing a bit better than my laptop HD 2600. Yet it is under performing.

    Thanks for the reply. Can be anything else?
  2. Quote:
    Which games, I would imagine the 2600 will be far better suited to games than the old architecture of the 7800. Perhaps wrong but the unified shaders can sometimes trump the older dedicated ones of the 7 series. 3dmark 05 is old and has no bearing on modern games performance.

    Are the cpu's similar between the comps?

    I had thought of that, but even when playing Brothers in Arms:Earned in Blood (an older UT2 based game), I get the feeling it isn't performing up to par. But I don't have anything to crosscheck.

    The laptop has a T5750 2.0Ghz

    The desktop has an e6400

    The laptop cpu seems to perform only slightly better. I ran some benchmarks where the e6400 took 143 seconds to run what took my laptop 138 seconds, so they are very close in terms of performance. The desktop also has 2GB extra RAM.
  3. The games I have tried running this on are Unreal Tournament 3 and Hells Highway.
  4. I still run 7800GTX in SLi, I am getting good frame rates on 24" at 1900 x 1200 . Of course I am still going thorugh DX9 games only. You memory banks or not evenly balanced out. I though you are supposed to have all memory banks evenly balanced. That might be doing something with your bandwidth.
  5. You might be expecting too much from such an old card, mine (reserve) plays older games flawlessly Doom3 Unreal2 etc and laughs at most Scource games but does struggle with newer titles.
    But, first rules apply: Check in the BIOS and make sure the onboard is disabled and the PCI-E settings are correct. Check Task Manager to see if anything is taking up too much CPU time and take actions as required. Reinstall all the drivers, sound, MB and video using a scrubber program such as Driver Sweeper to remove any bits left behind before installing the new ones. Remove one of the memory chips, with three your motherboard may not be using its dual channel function (I could be incorrect, check the manual).
  6. That should still be quite powerful, if the game supports SLi then you should be getting around the FPS of a single 8800GTX.
  7. Didn't the x1xxx series compete with the GeForce 6-series?
  8. Quote:
    No that was the x800 series, x1xxx series competed with the 78/79 series and until the HD2xxx series the 8 series by nvidia, crossfired x1900's were around the 8800gts mark or so IIRC.

    I thought it was 9xxx series (ie. 9700 Pro) --> x1xxx series (ie. x1950XT) --> 2xxx series (2900XT)
  9. I just want to add, I got fallout 3 yesterday, I maxxed out the graphics it all seemed cool. But as soon as i stepped outside it became a slide show. 7800GTX sli can't handle this DX9 game, 5870 ordered this morning.
  10. sabot00 said:
    I thought it was 9xxx series (ie. 9700 Pro) --> x1xxx series (ie. x1950XT) --> 2xxx series (2900XT)

    You missed the Xxxx series in betwee. ie. X600, X800XT etc.

    9800 -> X800 -> X1800
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