I'm planning on mounting an external 360 radiator at the rear of the case. I have decided to go with Scythe Gentle Typhoon running at 1100RPM(?) which I heard people say is very quiet and still performs well. So now wondering on whether to get something like the XSPC RX360 that is 60mm thick and 8 FPI compared to Alphacool Monsta which is 80mm thick and 10 FPI.
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  1. The Monsta will obviously perform better because it much thicker and has 2 more FPI.
  2. Link to the AC Monsta? I'm guessing it's following on the heels of the old TC Monsta series, but not sure about them being related.
  3. Personally I'd vote Monsta over RX360. Either way, you won't be disappointed.
  4. I've put an order on the monsta to do a V3 mod on my H50. and from what i'm seeing they are monstrous with heat dissipation and they come in all copper goodness mmmm :D
  5. How well will it perform with the lower RPM fans?
  6. if you've read up on the UT60 review then it'll be higher than that.
  7. I think I will go with the Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 360 in conjunction with a XT45 240 at the top of the case which is already more then I need.
  8. your call mate, your call entirely.
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