AMD Phenom II 955...MBOX (c3) Compatibility Issues?

Hi there, I'm planning to get a 955 stepping c3 (MBOX) and a ASUS M4A79XTD Evo, but I don't know about compatibility issues, found a review from a customer on newegg and he says that the new AMD CPUs doesn't boot on that MB unless you update your BIOS, but you need another CPU (c2 maybe) to do this, what's your experience on this? and what memory is perfect for this setup, I'm thinking corsair xms3 TW3X4G1333C9A and a sapphire 5770 card, the Vapor-X would be perfect fit but is getting hard this days to get one. All this powered by a corsair 650 psu. Any recommendations? would appreciate your help on this :ange:
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    Like it says you might have to update the bios which is not a big deal all you have to do is download it now from the computer you are on and make a bootable cdrom with the bios on it ASUS has an EZflash option in the bios which makes it really easy to do. Your ram and video card looks good if you are really worried about doing this rma that board and get a different one if you got it from newegg they will give you free shipping back if you call them and tell them you are buying another board from them.
  2. Like Saaiello said, you should have a problem- just have to download and make a bootable disk now- you do not need a different CPU to update your bios. You should be able to post and get into the BIOS and flash it with the 955. The RAM, GPU and PSU are all good calls and all quite compatible.
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