Looking for a cooler to OC i5 3570k

Hey,i am looking for a cooler for my i5 3570K,i plan to overclock to like 4.5 Ghz,My budget is mostly 50 USD,and if its not possible with such budget,then what Ghz should i be expected with a 50 USD heatsink?
Thanks :)
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  1. If youve got a good motherboard and know how to overclock you can reach 4.5GHz even with a 30$ cooler.Still though it'd be running hot and noisy.
    There are 3 coolers around that price that you should really consider.All of them are high-end to top-end air coolers.

    The first one is the Tiniq Tower 120 Extreme.
    It's cooling performance is as good as a Corsair H100 at low.And it also makes almost no noise.It provides the best accoustic effiency of all three.

    The second one is the Zalman CNPS9900.
    It's a huge top end cooler that looks awesome.It's cooling performance is phenomenal but it does get a bit noisy when the fans spin at high RPM.

    The third cooler is the well known Cooler Master Hyper 612 PWM.It's the smallest of all three.Its also the only cooler that actually fits your budget :D.Its pretty much does everything the Tuniq cooler does but a bit worse.It does have one upside though.Its more likely to fit in your case.
  2. would i get 4.3GHz with a tuniq cooler?
  3. You could get a Corsair H60 close to that price. They work pretty darn good for a closed loop water cooler.

    Or the H40:

    Only difference is the radiator thickness.

    I have an older H50 running on a i5 2500k. 24C at idle with no OC.
  4. ^^ Those don't perform anywhere near the heatsinks above...
  5. **Yawn** How many times do we have to have that argument? I think last time I proved they work great for what they are. And they are near OPs price point.
  6. Near his price point, but a heatsink for $50 will outpeform them :)
  7. I personally use Scythe Ninja 3

    When my 1100T was OSC to 4.2 Ghz, temperature range was 35-50 celsium depending on was it idle or during gaming.
  8. With ninja 3 at stock 3.3 Ghz my 1100T run at 19-20 celsium at idle, I haven't seen any low price watercooler to give such great result, the main issue with ninja 3 may be his height, it may not fit some cases so keep it in mind!

    Excuse my poor english

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