Lacie external HDD - Not recognised by Desktop/Laptop


Have a year or two old External Hard Disk Drive from Lacie, 650GB.
Problem is that it is not recognised by my desktop's fresh install of XP Pro SP3, or my new laptop's install of Windows 7 Pro. It is, however, recognised by my Nintendo Wii (Yeah, yeah) and my father's desktop which also runs XP SP3.

The console and me father's desktop recognise the drive as NTFS, and can access all the files on the drive.
My laptop and desktop, however, tell me that it is corrupted, needs a format and that none of the space on the HDD has not been used (Says 650GB/650GB free. However, there are files on it, and my Wii and father's desktop indicate that only 250GB of it is free...As it should be.)

Methinks it is a driver problem, but I can't find any for the USB 2.0 Lacie Harddrive.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Update : Now even my father's dekstop won't recognise the drive, yet my Wii still does. I can access the files, view the Partition, etc. Using various tools on my Wii. Wierd.
  2. Bump.
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