9800GTX+ SLI problems

I've been running a single 9800GTX+ for a while now and decided to add a second one for sli. I installed it and it my games would freeze in about a minute or so. I updated the graphics driver but it didnt help. I updated the bios and now I can at least do some gaming without locking up but I still get some glitching and the performance does not seem as good as the single card. I did use driver sweeper to clean things up. I also tried the newer card by itself to make sure it is ok. I ran furmark stability test and the max temps on both cards was 75c. There are two tabs on each card to connect the sli bridge so I tried both in case one was bad. The worse glitching is on CoH. I get lag on COD4, COD WAW, and a little on COD MW2 and sometimes some weirdess if I am in a smoke screen in any of them. I dont have the games' graphics settings any higher than they were with a single card. Any help would be appreciated since I am no computer guru.

asus p5n32e-sli
core 2 e6600
2 1gig sticks corsair xms2
2 9800gtx+
thermaltake 700w psu
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  1. Does the second 9800GTX performs normally in single mode ?
  2. Yes it does. I tried it alone in the system.
  3. How is your FPS ? you said you get glitches,but how is your FPS,is it low too ?
  4. A clean install of the OS is always best to make sure it isn't a driver or windows install issue. Drive Cleaner Pro can only do so much after all. Check to make sure that you're SLI cable is properly secured. A loose or faulty cable could be the problem. As for the cards do they have the same clocks?
  5. I dont watch the fps in games but on FurMark the average was 93fps during the stability test while in sli. I would have to run it with sli disabled to compare. The sli cable seems to attach firmly. The cards have the same part number so they should be identical. Today I disabled sli and the glitching went away. I may just scratch the project lol.
  6. Ok, I ran furmark at the same setting for just a couple minutes and the fps averaged 47 . That's with both cards in, the sli bridge connected, but sli disabled in the nvidia control panel. Obviously a big difference.
  7. After having no luck I said to hell with it and went back to a single card. I rather a have a smooth trouble free system then fight with sli. Thanks for trying to help anyway.
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