Can I use Glaceau Smartwater for water cooling?

I didn't order any thinking I'd buy some from my grocery store, however the only "distilled water" they carried was Glaceau Smartwater. It's vapor distilled water here is an amazon link:
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  1. that has menierals added back to it to make it drinkable

    where do you live, what country? (not your address)
  2. USA, NYC, Brooklyn
  3. You should be able to find distilled water for around $1 gallon at any supermarket or convenience store.
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    Got my distilled water at a local luckys for 89 cents per gallon.

    Should be able to find some supermarkets down there.
  5. Alrighty thanks guys!

    Waiting for everything to come in :D

    My maximus V formula, 3D monitor, and NZXT Switch came in yesterday. Everything else is going to come today!
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