Faulty motherboard/CPU cause damage to other parts?

Hi all,

I recently came into posession of a dead Fujitsu D-2179 (R12 if it helps) motherboard from an old Primergy Econel 100 server which died one day for no apparent reason.

At present the board will not boot, or even POST, no beeps sound, nothing is displayed on the screen however the fans turn and all three keyboard lights flash on boot when power goes through them.

On inspection I found a pair of 3300uF capacitors next to the ATX connector which had expanded , popping the vent at the top and leaking a tiny amount of brown substance (electrolyte or similar?)

I replaced those two capacitors but still no joy :( . The power supply is known to be good (I tested it with two seperate ones, including one from an identical server).

My question is, since I have a spare Intel DP965LT motherboard with socket 775, which will fit the processor in the fried board, if i remove the existing Core 2 Duo E6400 from the intel board and drop my pentium 4 in will it damage my motherboard? Casual checks with a multimeter reveal no shorts to ground however I felt it best to seek advice before I trashed a board.

Also is the memory from the fried board likely to cause a problem in the intel motherboard, if not I will test this too.

Thanks in advance,

PS I have a few theories as to why the capacitor change failed, either they are the wrong size (which they are) or I damaged a few traces during the repair, however I want to do some testing to decide if continuing my repair efforts is worthwhile.
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  1. The p4 is inferior to the e6400. I wouldn't trust the fujitsu board with a good working cpu.
  2. o1die said:
    The p4 is inferior to the e6400. I wouldn't trust the fujitsu board with a good working cpu.

    You misunderstand me, if the p4 works in the intel board then it becomes worthwhile my attempting to fix the old fujitsu board - spare PC. If it doesn't work, then I scavenge the RAM and scrap the board and CPU, saving on parts. I have every intention of only ever running the e6400 in the intel board, thats not going in the fujitsu ever.

  3. Quick update: I bit the bullet and tried it, the old p4's (actually pentium Ds, didn't read the label) work fine, as does all the memory, so just a fried board.

    Good result.
    Cheers all.


    PS I have no idea how to set this as resolved or whatever, if someone could give me a hint that'd be swell.
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