New AMD budget build! Finalizing and need suggestions

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next couple of days! (Hopefully later this afternoon)

BUDGET RANGE: around $500

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Computer Programming, gaming, word processing, videos, music

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, Video Card, OS




SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe (In the future)



I have a current computer right now that has an E6750 / 2 GB of Ram / 8600GT. I was looking to grab the E6750 and the 2gb of ram and build a new computer around that. It's being used as a family computer now and I saw that I could be putting that processor to better use! I decided against that now and I'm looking to build a complete new system or would it be better to go with my original plan?

If I build a whole new system I can futureproof my self and I should be able to upgrade the computer more easily. I'd be using an AM3 processor and DDR3 memory.

This is what I have so far:
A quick glance

AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor Socket AM3 2.6GHZ 2MB Cache 95W Retail Box

Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H AMD785G ATX AM3 2PCI-E DDR3 Video Sound GLAN CrossFireX HDMI Motherboard

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB SATA2 3.5IN 8.5MS 7200RPM 16MB Hard Drive OEM *3YR MFR Warranty*

OCZ OCZ3G1333LV4GK 4GB DDR3 2X2GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10666 CL 9-9-9-20 Dual Channel Memory Kit

OCZ StealthXStream OCZ500SXS 500W ATX12V 24PIN Active PFC ATX Power Supply 120MM Fan Black

Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus Direct Touch 4 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 AM3 LGA1366 LGA775 LGA1156 120MM

Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound Paste NON-ELECTRICAL Conductive 4 Gram

Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case 300 ATX 3X5.25 6X3.5INT No PS Front USB & Audio

I included thermal paste and a better heatsink because I want to overclock so I'll be able to get more performance out of the CPU.

Also I wanted to know whether or not it was better to get the X4 620 or the X2 550. They are both around the same price at ncix and was wondering which one would better suit my needs.

I have decided that I would just stick with the onboard video card until next week when I am able to afford a 5770. Right now I just need this computer for my school work and WoW. My school work will be coding and compiling. And then in my next semester I will be doing 3D graphs rendering. By then I should be able to have 2 x 5770 running in SLI or maybe even 2 5850s. I want the system to be geared towards that.

The total cost for the system is around $523 without the rebates and there are $45 in rebates.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I changed some parts on the computer. This is how it looks like now:

    I switched the mobo to

    ASUS M4A79XTD Evo ATX AM3 790X DDR3 2XPCI-E16 2XPCI-E 2XPCI CrossFireX SATA Audio GBLAN Motherboard

    with the
    AMD Phenom II X2 550

    And threw in an ASUS 5770, this should be able to keep me going for a while. Most of the parts seem pretty good and somewhat mid ranged? I should be able to upgrade again during the summer when there is more cash around.

    This is how the whole system looks like:
    Quick glance updated!
  2. Switch the PSU to an 80 Plus rated supply and you will be looking good. You will want the extra efficiency to protect your system.

    OCZ makes decent PSU, especailly for people on a budget. It won't last as long as the more expensive makers but its a good PSU none the less.

    Also the Athlon II will be a better choice. It performs better than the PII X3 720 and unlocking cores usually leads to an unstable CPU.
  3. Ok so the Athlon X4 620 is better then the X2 550? I heard something about the X4 620 not having L3? I don't really know what difference that makes.

    Also would this power supply be enough?
    OCZ StealthXStream OCZ400SXS 400W ATX12V 24PIN Active PFC ATX
  4. the difference is small at that resolution and with games taking advantage of multi cores now it makes more sense to buy the X4 620
  5. I wouldn't go any less than a 550W and 650W for Crossfire
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