GTS 360m is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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More about 360m here
  1. Damn, you got my hopes up!

    Then i realized it just more nvidia naming old things new names while sliding down hill. If thats what they are calling their GTS360M i cant wait to see how the full flown GTS350 fares, will it just be a renamed GTS250 because there seems to be a distinct lack of progress on the green team lately unfortunately.
  2. wtf ...
  3. Naw, the 300 series will be named the 400 series, so that way, they were never really late j/k
  4. lol , nice humor ... that way they were never late !
  5. wow, im not surprised at all, seems to be what they are good at

    though i still want to see how Fermi performs, if it isn't like DNF
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