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Hola, buenas noches a todos necesito ayuda buestra soy nuevo en esto mi problema es que tengo dos tarjetas graficas HD 4650 y no consigo conectarlas en fuego cruzado como podria hacerlo gracias
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  1. Please use English. Not many people can understand Spanish in an English forum. I used Google Translate.

    To answer your question, the 4650 does not have crossfire connectors, but you can set them to crossfire mode in Windows. The performance of the 4650 is low enough such that enabling crossfire without dedicated data paths for inter-GPU data does not have a significant effect on performance.
  2. For those curious:
    "Hello, good evening, everyone I need help I'm new at this buestra my problem is I have two HD 4650 graphics cards and I can not connect them in crossfire and could do thanks"
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