Poor Temps? 65 When under 100% Load Folding

I am currently running Folding@Home in my new build. I am hitting temps of 65 degrees on average per core under 100% load. Room temps are 22 degrees and case temps seem to be 43. Rig is currently OC to a modest 4.0 GHz on 1.20 Voltage. Artic Silver 5 is the paste utilized.

Here is my set-up

-Intel Core i7 3930K
-CM Hyper 212 Evo (Push-Pull)
-Gigabyte G1 Assassin2
-16GB G-Skill Ripjaws X 2133
-XFX 8800GT
-120Gb Corsair Force GT
-500GB WD Black
-Corsair 600T SE White
-Corsair HX 1000 PSU

I am running the 8800 for now, as I sold all my other cards to fund a 690 purchase, and its a really HOT card which doesnt help. I have the original front case fan (Intake)and top case fan (Exhaust) and they are both 180mm I believe . I have a 80mm rear exhaust fan plus inside the case I have an extra 140mm fan blowing air at the cooler from the front as I removed my harddrive cages.

I also have a Corsair H100 from my old 980x build. I just havent installed it yet since I dont think I can get push pull in my case.

I have been thinking about going with a XSPC 750 water cooling as a last resort since I have no experience with maintaining such a unit. I know I need a better cooler but are these temps really terrible for this set-up? My previous 980x using this EVO was much much cooler.

So Can anyone tell me..

1) Are these temps really terrible for this set-up?

2) Will the H100 with two pull fans really be better?

3) What else can I do to improve this OC?

4) is the XSPC going to be worth the extra coin?
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  1. Those actually are very low temperatures.
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    1. temps are fine, good infact
    2. H100 will be better yes. get push pull rather than pull pull
    3. custom water cooling. RASA kit or simmular
    4. depends, give the H100 a go atleast. see how you like it. if u want more then custom cool it.

    YES IVY BRIDGE RUNS HOTTER THAN SANDY (even with lower volts)
  3. I have people mention that they have these temps with higher overclocks. I take everything peolple say with a grain of salt without screen shots but quite a few people have there 3930K at 4.5 or higher with these temps and slightly better coolers.

    I cant do push-pull because my Assassin is EATX and its really tight as is in the 600T with the stock case fan. Add the Rad and two undermount fans and I think clearance will be an issue. Thats why I was wondering if its worth the trouble mounting that H100.

    I do realize that Sandy-E is way hotter than my Gulftown was. But the 980x never went over 52 with a 4.4 GHz overclock and the EVO.

    Im new to this chip and its been a pain to get this running right. I am going to try doing a Prime 95 run tonight and see what it hits.
  4. I tried lowering my voltage slightly and it BSOD. I set it back to 1.20 and I noticed my ram speed dropped big time

    1066MHz on 2133 ram? What gives?
  5. It's DDR, double data rate. That speed is multiplied.
  6. Checked Bios my speed is still 2133. I just read it wrong.
  7. Temps hit 72 on Prime 95. Considering the stress of that program I think its fine no?

    I placed a box fan and opened my side dorr of my case and only hit 55 per core folding at 100%. Thats pretty good but damn noisy. Lucky for me system is in office so I can live with that.

    I think I will try my H100 in the case anyways to see what difference it does. Thanks for all your help guys.
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