Long Repeated Beeps on Gigabyte Mobo

Hey Guys-

I just recently (a month or 2 ago) built a new computer, using the Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 motherboard as the base.
In the past few days, the computer got laggy after gaming for a bit, yet it still seemed to function, and the graphics card was not overheating. Last night, I turned on the computer, and it started up fine, but was doing things very slowly. Then, all of the sudden, it just crashed, the whole computer shut off, and the motherboard started beeping - long, repeated beeps.
Now whenever I turn it on, it beeps long beeps 12 times, and then you hear the gfx card fan rev up a bit, but then it just starts beeping again.
I have swapped out the graphics card with another that I know functions, and I still have the exact same symptoms. I tested the memory by taking out one stick at a time and trying it, but same problem any way I do it.

So it doesn't seem to be the Graphics card or the memory.

I looked at the user manual for the motherboard, and it says that continuous long beeps indicate that the graphics card is not inserted properly. This doesn't make sense, because I tried 2 different cards, and made sure both were inserted firmly.

It also is interesting that this happened after the computer had been functioning perfectly for a long time - there were absolutely no hardware changes.

System specs: Gigabyte 890FX-UD5, HIS HD 5770, 4GB G.skill Ripjaws, AMD Phenom II x4 955, Samsung Spinpoint F3, Corsair 650W

Any ideas?
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  1. Have you tried a CMOS reset yet? Easy to corrupt CMOS memory - any of a quarter-dozen reasons, often an 'errant' USB device addition...
  2. If you have another GPU try it. "For me" it has a dead GPU; repeated beeps...

    Oops - read you tried another GPU ; I got noth'n then.

    Ah, maybe the PSU - use another lead.
  3. Reset the CMOS, started it back up, and this time all the fans go full speed, but the beeping continues.
    Earlier this afternoon, I tried unplugging absolutely everything - drives, graphics card, ram. Still exact same problem.
    I have another 500W Antect PSU that I will plug in and see if that is the problem.
  4. Okay, just tried the other PSU, and exact same problem.

    Kind of frustrating. Wish it was an easy fix.
  5. Any other changes like UPS? Or maybe try a different outlet.

    You've R/O: GPU, PSU, BIOS - leaving MOBO & RAM. Can you Memtest boot?
  6. Tried it in another outlet. No difference.
    I don't think I can boot Memtest because I don't get any display at all. It just goes straight to beeping when I start it up.

    I doubt it's the RAM, because I have 2 sticks in there, and I swapped them around, testing each individually. It wouldn't make sense that they would both fail at the exact same time.
    Also, I even tried powering on the comp without any RAM sticks in, and it made the exact same beeps.

    I really hope it's not the motherboard, but that's what it's leaning towards.
  7. Yep, so it seems to be the MOBO.

    I'm dealing with RMA'ing 10 PCs for my office, 60% w/i <5 days started acting up w/RAID {bad SN batch of UD3R (rev 2)}. Unfortunately, problems weren't immediate so hours were wasted. MOBOs can go bad from 1st start-up -> 1 Month +.

    I feel for you!
  8. Remove the video cards, and blow out the slot with compressed air. There are 2 PCIe slots. Try using the other one. Make sure the 6 pin PCIe power connector is secure on the video card.
  9. Tried the other PCI-e slot - same thing. Even tried starting it without a gfx card in, and it did the same thing.

    What if I short circuited my motherboard? How would I tell what part was doing that or where it was touching metal?
  10. If you've got a short, it usually won't beep. That would usually cause a continual reboot loop, or it to just shut down after a couple seconds.

    Try removing the motherboard from the case. Place it on a piece of cardboard next to it. Connect the PSU, CPU/HSF, video card, power switch, and 1 RAM chip. Everythign else can be unplugged. Then try starting it.
  11. @aford10 - you think [frpsh] has a mounting issue??
  12. Not likely, because it was working before. As long as the mounting wasn't changed, it shouldn't be causing a short.

    The method I suggested is called bread boarding. When you've got hardware failing to POST, it's a good place to start, to narrow down the culprit. The components listed, for the most part, are the bare necesities to POST. All the other components can be unpluged to rule them out as a cause.
  13. I did as you suggested. Same beeping.
    What if it was the CPU? How would I rule it out? If it overheated, that would explain the laggy gaming at the beginning.
  14. @aford10 - "mounting issue" a/k/a short; unplugging everything will do same. [frpsh] R/O all but CPU or MOBO ; shorting happens @1st post.

    If you OC your CPU and went out of your way to turn-off all the BIOS protection then maybe the CPU. If you want to know 100% swapping out a CPU will answer...{check the PINS} My guess is that you blew-out someting on the MOBO ; take a CAREFUL look.
  15. do you have another graphics card to test?
  16. I already tested with another graphics card that I know for sure works. No difference.

    I did no overclocking on any of the parts yet, so I guess it's unlikely to be the CPU. I don't have another AMD processor to try.

    One thing, my brother confessed to me (lol) that he accidentally bumped the case the day before it started messing up. Sounds sketchy, but he says that he didn't bump it that hard. It seems weird that a little bump would do something like this - especially since I have plugged and re-plugged everything in many times.

    sounds like it's the motherboard. Should I go to Newegg and see about a refund or replacement? It's past the 30 day deadline, but I've only been using the computer for under 2 months, and the board should definitely not be dying on me this quickly.
  17. First, try reseating the CPU.

    Check your newegg account. There is a section that lists hardware that is still covered by RMA. If it's not covered by newegg, the manufacturer's warranty should still cover your hardware. The motherboard is more likely to die than the CPU, so I'd start there.
  18. Did Newegg give you a refund?
  19. New Egg ~ "might RMA" ; GA ~ "will warranty" they can be a PITA {slow and obstinate, but will swap a MOBO}

    BTW - Short of your brother dropping the PC I really doubt its his fault ; be nice :love:
  20. So I talked with Newegg, they said no, so I turned to Gigabyte.
    Called them, they told me to use the web form to apply for an RMA. Got the RMA number, packaged it up, and sent it in.
    Just waiting to get a replacement back. Annoying thing is, I can't see any way to track or get updates on how my RMA is doing, even though they gave me a number.
    I really hope I get one back soon, because I need my computer for a LAN party in a couple of weeks. :)
    I'll let y'all know what happens when I receive the motherboard back.
  21. Okay, very annoyed. Received the mobo back yesterday - no difference at all. Exact same motherboard, packaged differently, no changes. I spent all day yesterday again trying everything I did before, and I can get nothing but beeps.
    It's absolutely not the the GFX card, because I tried it in a different pc.
    It's absolutely not the PSU, because I also tried this in another similar pc.
    I highly doubt it's the cpu - no signs of damage; I cleaned and reapplied thermal paste.
    Tried all 16 configurations of the RAM to no avail.

    It seems weird that they would not even test the board and just send it back. If they tested it and found no problems, what part that I have could possibly be making it fail???
  22. Oh - What fun!

    MOBO = (?)
    PSU = (OK)
    RAM = (?)
    GPU = (OK)
    HDD = (?/Doubt)
    OS = (?/Doubt)

    What is the exact Part Number of the RAM? Just yesterday, after a week of asking, I determined someone had ECC but their MOBO won't support it...
  23. Only thing I notice that you might want to try is :

    *To reach DDR3 1866MHz or above, you must install two memory modules and install them in the DDR3_3 and DDR3_4 memory sockets.

    Are you using the Ram slots marked as DDR3_3 and DDR3_4 and not DDR3_1 and DDR3_2 ??

    Other than that do you have an old PCI (not PCI-e) video card you could try posting with tho see if it is the MOBO's PCI-e interface ?
  24. ^^ I agree if 1866MHz+, otherwise use DDR3_1 and DDR3_2.

    I too assume that your BIOS is Load Optimized Defaults and you're having issues? If not please list all other BIOS changes.
  25. I tried every single possible combination of the RAM, including putting them in 3 and 4.

    The RAM is G.Skill 1600mhz DDR3 - CAS 7

    I'm wondering if this could be the problem, because I never tweaked with the settings when I built the computer; I never actually looked at the timings or latency so I don't know what they were at. I heard that some tweaking was required to get them at their advertised frequencies and latency. I just never bothered looking at the settings and changing them.
    Could my failure to pay attention to the RAM settings be the downfall of my computer?

    Mobo RAM compatibility list: http://www.gigabyte-usa.com/FileList/MemorySupport/mb_memory_ga-890fxa-ud5.pdf

    A very similar G.Skill model is supported, but not my exact one.

    Regarding trying another PCI-e card: already done, no difference.
    I made no changes to BIOS or any other hardware changes before the crash.
  26. Quote from Newegg Reviews for the RAM:
    "using 890fxa-ud5 works great right out of the box yes u have to do minor tweaking in bios but its not hard to set voltage from 1.5 to the 1.65 and set your Timings some have issues and need to adjust timings to 8-8-8-24 per G-skill on some AMD boards..."

    I wish I could get into BIOS.
  27. I know you've tried testing the RAM by swapping them through each slot. But, I think you may want to do a more thorough test with memtest. You can create a bootable disc.
  28. But that won't matter if I can't get any display at all, right?
  29. Right. It depends on what's causing the problem.
  30. Hey Guys.

    I've signed up just to follow this thread. The reason is simply because I have the same issue, and I don't really want to RMA the motherboard. I've tried a number of different BIOS flash CDs (F3, F4 and backup of the original F3). I've also tried taking the BIOS battery out for an hour, with no power, etc. I've tried just about anything I can think of, as well as only the motherboard and CPU in the motherboard, two different power supplies, video cards, RAM, etc.

    So, all help is good help at this point.
  31. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on some other cheap DDR3 RAM and test it in my motherboard. If it works, I will know it's the RAM, if it doesn't, I can rule out the RAM and be sure it's either the mobo or CPU.
  32. Not to go in circles here, when you did the RMA -> GA mailed back your same EXACT (Serial Number) MOBO - Right ??!! Your DDR worked before - Right??!! So the obvious issue here is a bad MOBO - Right!

    Insist for a "replacement" MOBO from GA...

    Your DDR seems to be compatible, and sure you can set the basic timings of 7-8-7-24-2N @ 1.65V and see what happens. It "could be" your DDR so see if you can RMA with either Newegg (doubt > 30 days) or RMA/exchange with G.Skill - http://www.gskill.com/rma.php

    As before:
    MOBO = (?)
    PSU = (OK)
    RAM = (?)
    GPU = (OK)
    HDD = (?/Doubt)
    OS = (?/Doubt)
  33. Yes it was the exact same serial number.
    So you think Gigabyte just sent me the mobo back without doing anything to it? They definitely at least took it out of it's anti-static bag.
    Couldn't the RAM have gone bad just as easily as the motherboard could have gone bad? I used the computer for a couple months before it failed.

    I'd be very angry if Gigabyte failed to do anything with a clearly dead motherboard and sent it back.
  34. RAM can die at any time. It is possible for both to crap out.
  35. Fringe ~ If for some reason you had a power spike, even with a "surge protector," it could theoretically be anything. Years ago we had a lightning storm and it took me a while to figure out it was a modem; the lightning hit the 2nd line (fax) phone wires.

    {I had a "company" pull this I snapped a transistor no way to pass any test.}
  36. Tried a friend's Patriot DDR3 RAM in the motherboard, and it beeped just the same. So I think we can rule out memory.
    That leaves CPU or Motherboard. It's very doubtfully the CPU, and most likely the mobo.
    So why the heck did Gigabyte send me a dead board back?
  37. There's no answer that would make sense to me anyway; other than it magically clicking it heals to go home & pixie dust.

    As now:
    MOBO = (?)
    PSU = (OK)
    RAM = (OK)
    GPU = (OK)
    HDD = (?/Doubt)
    OS = (?/Doubt)

    Start a post at http://forums.tweaktown.com/ -> ask for the guru Lsdmeasap , but wazza300 is pretty good as well. Link the post here, I'd be interested.
  38. @jaquith
    You can check off the OS and hard drive, as they aren't required to POST.

    Was the DDR3 RAM that you swapped in compatible?
  39. ^^ Yeah I know/knew after my 2nd post.

    If the rig was indeed dropped, and what makes sense to me is a broken PCI slot - I assumed you tried one of the other PCIe slots??
  40. @aford10 - no, it actually was not on the qvl list. It was Patriot @ 1333 - should work though.
  41. Yes, that should be compatible. The QVL list, is just the RAM that the vendor tested. It's not a complete list of all the compatible RAM.

    Through process of elimination, I think this leave the motherboard, unfortunately.
  42. I edited above - If the rig was indeed dropped, and what makes sense to me is a broken PCI slot - I assumed you tried one of the other PCIe slots??

    Also, you can pull the GPU all together and listen if the beeps are still present...

    However, the HD 5770's are not that heavy.
  43. I tried another card and tried the 5770 in both slots. Even holding the gpu in place, the mobo still beeps.
  44. After @aford10 comments ... just checking, beating a dead horse and proving a point of a bad MOBO. - "Not to go in circles here..."

    I did mention pulling the GPU, but even if that solves the problem you're still left with a bad board.

    Other than an OS glitch of some kind, the most common H/W failures in order: PSU, GPU and MOBO - after 30 days everything else failing including CPU is very rare; HDD > 5 years+ is also common.

    Q - what kind of thermal paste are you using and how old is it??
  45. Arctic Silver 5 - ordered it while I was waiting for the motherboard back.
    Started a thread at tweaktown: http://forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte/41004-dead-ga-890fxa-ud5.html#post367749
  46. In addition, to get his attention use the Private Mail and include your link. It'll take anywhere from right away to 3-5 days for his reply. I'm interested what he thinks.

    Good Luck!
  47. Question about the beeps - which one seems to match what you're hearing (I copy/pasted all, even those that I know don't apply):

    1 short: System boots successfully
    2 short: CMOS setting error
    1 long, 1 short: Memory or motherboard error
    1 long, 2 short: Monitor or graphics card error
    1 long, 3 short: Keyboard error
    1 long, 9 short: BIOS ROM error
    Continuous long beeps: Graphics card not inserted properly
    Continuous short beeps: Power error

    Saw the post TT.
  48. Continuous short beeps: Power error.

    Interestingly, with no processor it doesn't do anything at all. Just sits there. No noises whatsoever.
  49. FrPSh said:
    the motherboard started beeping - long, repeated beeps.

    -> "Continuous long beeps: Graphics card not inserted properly"

    I'm just re-re-re-checking ; @zedd_D1abl0 - pretty much everyone agrees it has "something" to do with the GPU, but also if there's a MOBO failure involving circuitry with the GPU {GPU works on another MOBO + CMOS cleared + other PCIe slots tested} the test tones can be from the MOBO failure.
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