Pc sound goes in and out

ive been having this problem for a while, and much like the procrastinator i am, i havent decided to deal with it until it gets unbearable.

so when i listen to music, watch movies, watch youtube etc... once in a while my audio will start to fluctuate, as if somebody is turning the sound up and down. it will never go completely silent, nor will it go higher than the volume i have it set to. but it gets extremely annoying, and short of throwing my computer out my window i have no clue what to do for audio problems. i notice this tends to happen more often when im playing video games and listening to music at the same time, usually playing wow and listening to music using the zune player.

my system is in my "more info" but the basics are that im using a Gigabyte EX-58 UD4P with just the standard audio ports that come with the motherboard, no discrete sound card. and my speakers are Boston BA7800's.

is there anything anybody would know audio related, or would this be a case of a bad sound card, or maybe time for new speakers?

thanks for the help in advance :)
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  1. I'll bet it's software, but if you want to eliminate hardware, you could get a dirt-cheap sound card (like this one) and see if it still does it. You could substitute some cheap stereo speakers for the Bostons and see if it still does it. Do all the speakers do it at once?
  2. what do you mean by software, as in the drivers? what would i do to solve the problem if it is software? i should try a different set of speakers, dont know why i didnt think of that at first. and to answer your question, yes all of the speakers are doing it at once.
  3. twisted politiks said:
    what do you mean by software, as in the drivers? ...

    Yeah, I don't know. That's not my strong suit. But the drivers that Gigabyte offers on their site have a date of December 2009. Have you updated since then? If not, do that first. I've linked to the Vista 64 drivers.
  4. k im downloading them now, ill go ahead and give it a try tonight, and post the results after a few tests tomorrow. hopefully this fixes it. thanks for the help
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