Overclocking CPU, GPU, and RAM

Hi, I have just finished building my own desktop computer, but I need help because I have never overclocked, can someone please help me overclock my components to the point that they are still stable(100%)? I have the following specifications:

Intel Core I5-2500k Sandy Bridge
Corsair Hydro H60
Asus P8Z68
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560Ti
Kingston HyperX Plug and Play 16 GB (4x4)
Cooler Master GX 650W Power Supply
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB
Lite-On Internal DVD Burner
Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Case

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  1. i would not overclock the GPU, there is some temps you will not see (such as the VRM) that could potentally get to hot without your knowing and die

    the CPU is easy enough, raise the cpu multiplier, once it becomes unstable raise the Vcore, i would also suggest turning LLC or Load Line Calibration on to help keep it stable, try to keep it around 70C

    you will never see a difference even with overclocked ram, so i would once again reccomend not bothering and instead increasing lifespan
  2. ^seconded. - just make sure the RAM is running at the right frequency in the first place (with correct CAS settings if thats an option on your board)
  3. if overclock focus on CPU first
  4. ok, so all I should do is to slowly raise the cpu multiplier, and then add voltage, but I heard that raising the Voltage could fry it? So, can I overclock it to 4.0 Ghz? Thanks.
  5. if your insane yes, just stay under 70C/5GHz and you will be alreight

    try turning LLC on for stability
  6. What do you mean by insane?
  7. he mean iswhen you do overclock CPU .. keep your eyes at temperature at below 70C when do stress test , also need set LCC in your bios for stability ... i think 4ghz easy you get
  8. Nuclear101 said:
    What do you mean by insane?

    you have to be going nuts with the voltage to kill it in a hurry, it will all cause the chip to degrade faster though
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