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5850 x2 cross fireX vs gtx 295 which one should i get...

I am planning on buying a new core i7 pc: so was just wandering which graphx card should i get. i a have 2 cards in mind:
5850x2 cross fireX or a single gtx 295
which one will be the better one for gaming and what psu will be required for 5850 x2 and gtx 295....
5900 series are not available on the store from where i buy computer parts so i have to decide between these two and fast pls be free to leave comments....
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    A single 5870 is almost equal to a GTX295.
    A GTX295 performs equal to two slightly overclocked GTX260s or two under clocked GTX275s.

    A 5850 performs better than a GTX285. So two 5850s will destroy a GTX295.
  2. However, you can also just get a single 5970. It performs equal to 2x5850s, but if you overclock it, it can almost reach 2x5870 levels.

    The price of it should be similar to two 5850s.
  3. 5850x2 !!! Or a 5970 !
    gtx 295 is past

    Get a single 5870 it will rock out that 295
  4. Definately get a 5850cf. It pees over 5870 and costs much less than 5970.
    There is minimal gaming difference between 5850cf and 5970 so price diff.
    isnt worth it.
  5. Like others have said HD5850 x 2 is the way to go, and U'll want a quality 750W PSU like a Corsair 750HX
  6. ati reccomends 600 watts with 4 6pin pci connectors for crossfire the hx650 shpuld handle if you not overclocking and believe it or not 2x5850 uses less power then a gtx 295
  7. 5850 CF , and get a 750 tx , more than enough if from a brand like corsair .
  8. well then 2x5850 it is
    and thanks for all your comments
  9. that setup is faster than gtx 285 sli ! happy gaming in the new year .
  10. i'm getting an asus 5850 for 236 euros, considered NVIDIA but dx 11 future proofing has me and can crossfire down the road and get another card when money permits.
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