Questions: adding Maximus V Formula and GTX 670 to my loop?


Im setting up a new rig.
The components i have are;

Silverstone TJ-07
I7- 3770K
Asus Maximus V Formula
CoolerMaster 1000W PSU Silent Pro M2

The watercooling kit i have;

1 x XSPC Rasa Black CPU Waterblock
1 x XSPC RX240 Radiator with 2 fans
1 x XSPC RX480 Radiator with 4 fans
1 x XSPC X20 750 Pump & Reservoir combo

My question what i have: is this watercooling loop powerful and cool enough to also at the MB and a GPU waterblock?
Or do i need to install a 2nd loop for my MB and GPU?
If i can install all components in 1 loop what is the best order?

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  1. not a 2nd loop but maybe a powerful pump to replace the 750L.

    I think the MB's mosfet fusion block isn't restrictive but I'd say adding the GPU to the mix would be trying your luck at it. There are some who say the pump will chug along nicely, there are others...who say you'll meet a dead pump at the end of a troubleshot ordeal.

    if only mobo, then yeah. GPU? depends on the block as well before I can finally tell you to upgrade pump.
  2. well the only reason for a second loop is if the parts being attached to it are restrictive
    i like the 655 series pumps there are a lot of options with these pumps
    i would add another rad to the loop but you may not need it the mobo is like the processor at stock with the heat added to the loop
    here have a look at my build it is a little over the top but you can get the idea
  3. It will likely be fine with the X20 750, but I'm not really a fan of the pump. That being said, I've never owned one myself so I can't add any personal advice...but from what I've read on this and several other forums, it's very hit or miss and will work great for some and sub-par for others.
  4. I would probably go with a MCP35X (DDC form-factor pump) - the X2O 750 is a bit shaky, and having that extremely high head pressure from a DDC pump will be advantageous when pushing through the mobo block.

    Just set up one loop - two loops won't benefit you any more (and if it did, it would be very marginal). Order doesn't matter because the flow is fast enough that no localized heat transfer takes place. Just make it simple.
  5. ok, thanks all for the advise.

    Is it a option to place a high flow pump (Laing D5-MCP655) right after the XSPC X20 750 Pump & Reservoir combo?
    Or is placing a pump after pump not a good idea?
    I think this is for me the fastest and cheapest way to watercool my MB and GPU with the stuff i already have.
  6. you'll need to have the same spec'd pumps running in tandem if you don't want to burn each other out. I may be wrong but the only way I see you going a new pump route is by also having to change the res ->drive bay or tube wise.
  7. If you are planning to get a new pump, just get a good one and sell the X20 750 or keep shouldn't need it. The 750 would likely work for your needs, but remember, it was designed for duty as the XSPC CPU only watercooling kits like Rasa and Raystorm...not for multiple (and/or) restrictive blocks. It will work, just not as well as better pumps would.
  8. Ok,

    If i change my XSPC pump/res combo for a Reservoir with a Laing D5-MCP655 12V will this be good enough to do all my components in 1 loop and maybe later a SLI?
  9. yes
  10. I'm currently running a CPU and SLI 560 Ti's w/ 2 rads on a single D5 pump...and the pump is at least 6-7 years old. Works flawlessly.
  11. 6-7 yrs :ouch: thats amazing!
  12. It doesn't run 24/7, but it has seen it's fair share of use over that time. I also haven't ever serviced the pump (which I should). It's operating today on speed 5 as I took it out of the box.
  13. :) thanks for clearing that up - I have my H50 mod run for about 18 hrs eveyday...I suppose its in bad need of some loving :P
  14. Ok thanks all.
    I will change the pump and res
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