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I upgraded SSD (using Zinstall HD) in Toshiba 505-890 w/Win 7 and lost use of folder migration utility. Previously, had migrated USER files to "D" drive. Now, with a 256GB "C" drive, I need to migrate USER files back to "C" drive. How to do this? Software needed?
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  1. What is "folder migration utility"?
  2. most of us just copy and paste... it works very well
  3. I am a "drag and drop" kinda guy for folder/file movement in Windows Explorer.
  4. Toshiba includes a Folder Migrating Utility that, due to the small SSD drive (64GB) it allows you to migrate USER files and most other files to the HDD (500GB). To free space, I had moved every thing I could to the HDD using the folder migrating utility. Then, after replacing the SSD with a new 256GB drive, the folder migrating utility no longer works. However, I want to bring back to the C drive all the files that I had moved to the D drive. I have tested a simple cut and paste and it doesnt work. Need a way to move the files without destroying the Windows and Office linkages.
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