Intel Core i3-350m or i5-430m

okay so i am planning to get a laptop and i can decide whether i should get the core i3 or i5. i really want to keep my budget on or close to $600. i dont really play games but i watch hd movies and multitask A LOT!!! when i say a lot i mean like about 5-6 programs at once. also, how is the i3-350m compared to the AMD athlon x2 64 5000+ 2.6ghz (desktop cpu), better or worse? thanks a bunch!! :D
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  1. The I3 350m is a great processor for a laptop it has a decent core speed of 2.26ghz and its hyperthread so it acts like a quad core. Compared to the athlon you listed it will be about twice as fast as that. No contest there at all. For the budget you I3 would be your best bet.
  2. so using the whole quad core logic, even a i3 330m 2.13ghz would be faster? thanks for the help man ;)
  3. Yes the I3 330m is a dual core that is hyper threaded also so it will still be considerbly faster even if it wasnt hyper threaded it would be faster because clock for clock the I3 is faster.
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