Asus GTX 560. Please Help!

I have a fairly new computer, build specs are down below:
Anyway, my first problem, albeit the lesser of the two and more of an annoyance than anything, is that one out of every two times i turn my computer on, windows fails to load. Specifically, the screen the turns black after the asus logo appears (bios splash screen).
I then need to restart the computer and suddenly it works.(bit of extra info on that last point - it doesn’t seem to matter whether I press the reset button or turn it off fully and then back on, it will still start up the second time. Any help on that would be appreciated but it’s not my main issue.

My second problem and the main reason for this thread is as follows,
A couple of days ago I updated asus gpu tweak which i downloaded from asus's website.
First of all - GPU tweak is all ready a piece of *** when used with the latest Nvidia driver (3.142), It (gpu tweak) used to work fine with the previous nvidia driver version. I don’t want to use the older graphics driver because of the performance enhancement given with the latest driver.

Using GPU tweak to overclock my GPU, causes the graphics card driver to crash when you set an overclock (my only grace here is that if i set the overclock again within about 7 seconds - using the profile i have set up - it works; a strange bug in itself).

When I installed the latest version of gpu tweak I was hopeful my problem would be fixed. It was not. Now gpu tweak was not just causing the graphics card driver to crash, whilst ultimately recovering itself and allowing for me to press the overclock profile again quickly and be on my happy way, noooo, now it was causing my ENTIRE computer to freeze, forcing a restart.

So, I uninstalled it and put the previous version back on, hoping that would solve my problem.
It did and it didn't; despite the fact it is no longer crashing my PC, my gpu (according to gpu tweak’s monitor) never goes above roughly 75%.

All newer games are now lagging where they previously didn’t. BF3, la noire, and arma two are now (In my opinion) unplayable. Some might be OK with low fps but I can’t do it.

To paraphrase all of this with a simple example, playing crisis 2 on ultra-graphics settings at 1920 x 1080 res I was normally getting 60fps perfectly, no problem. I then install the new version of GPU Tweak only to find it does not work, I then uninstalled it and re-installed the previous version and suddenly, I barely get 30 -45 fps and my gpu usage doesn't go above 75%.

Another thing; I have already fully uninstalled and reinstalled both the graphics card driver and the gpu tweak software.
If you need any more info, please ask as I really want to get this fixed.

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-M Pro
CPU: i5 2500k - stock cooler, so not overclocked yet.
Graphics Card: Asus GTX560 (non ti)
8GB ram
PSU: 700w Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus
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  1. It sounds like the new driver has exposed some instability in your OC. The driver itself could cause instability, but I have GTX560 and the last two drivers have been rock solid for me. (Even with an OC)

    I use afterburner and it has a setting to apply OC at startup. If your software is trying to apply your OC at startup, it could explain the hit-or-miss nature of your startup.

    I think you may just be pushing your card a little to far. Try putting your GPU ram to stock speed if it isn't already. And if you still have the problem back off your core clock by 40Mhz at a time until you get it stable.

    You could also try uninstalling tweak and installing afterburner then using that for your OC. I have no experience with tweak, but afterburner has worked well for my GTX 560.
  2. I have an Asus GTX 560 OC myself and I use Afterburner too, like Z1NONLY.

    I used GPU Tweak for a bit, but I just didn't like it, so I uninstalled it and never used it again. I never had any problems with it though, but that was with older drivers too. I just didn't like it, like I said.

    Afterburner works perfectly for me, though, for my OC and fan control needs. I actually like the fan control much better than GPU Tweak, which is the main reason I didn't like GPU Tweak.
  3. Ok cheers. will give afterburner a go.
  4. malulsos said:
    Thanks heaps. Afterburner works really well! screw gpu tweak anymore.

    Awesome, and agreed :lol:
  5. Thanks heaps. Afterburner works really well! screw gpu tweak anymore.
  6. Lol, god damn it! I just got up from where i am sitting (having been playing crysis 2 on my normal maxed out settings perfectly for the past couple of hours with no lag what so ever) only to see my other monitor (which i use for work) still sitting on the ground next to my desk turned on and displaying the game also.
    So I unplugged in it, and suddenly im having the same god damn problem I had before. Wtf???
    Does anybody have any ideas??
  7. Not sure what you mean.

    Try powering down the computer and connecting whatever monitor(s) you are going to use, then power up and play the game.

    If you still have the problem, back off your OC a little. (or add a little voltage)
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