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I am from India. I am planning to buy a new grafix card. previously I was thinking about going for an HD4650 1GB but now some people are suggesting that I go for HD4670 512MB DDR3.

firstly I have a budget of 4k. my motherboard is asus P5GC-MX with UMAX 450W smps. Are the above good for both of them?

moreover I would like to know if the HD4670 512MB DDR3 would be good enough for next two years. my previous card was an nvidia 7100GS
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  1. ranganbiswas said:
    asus P5GC-MX with UMAX 450W smps. Are the above good for both of them?

    Well your motherboard maybe, but definitely not your PSU. Its a crap local one which would lead you frustration, constipation, sleepless nights, financial doom!
    Get Gigabyte Superb 460W - 2200 INR - 2600 INR.
    Change it before changing anything.
    HD4670 is a better. HD4650 is not worth buying. Also it depends on your monitor. Which monitor do you have.
  2. What is the rest of your system (cpu, ram) and what do you plan on doing with it (game, encode, business apps, etc.)?
    Could you also include what currency the 4k is in.

    In terms of gaming price/performance in the US, the 4670 tends to be a better buy, but that might not be the case in India, so I can't give you a solid answer on which card to get until you answer the above questions.
  3. ^^Its Indian Rupees. Its the same in India also. But its good for only 17 inch monitors. Above that it becomes a little bit slow in performances.
  4. my cpu is a core2duo 1.86Ghz, RAM 2GB DDR3, HDD 250GB, I intend to game with the card.

    by 4k I mean 4000INR. HD4670 !GB DDR3 is 4300INR.
  5. I will be buying a new monitor too. it wud be a 19" tft.
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    It depends what he wants to do with it; if he's gaming, I agree, he'd be much better off with a 4670, but if he surfs the web and watched movies a 4650 would be just fine.
  7. ranganbiswas said:
    ... I intend to game with the card.

    Get the 4670
  8. a 512MB DDR3 or 1GB DDR3? I do not intend to change it for next 2 years
  9. Get whichever's cheaper; you won't need 1 GB ram (and the card can't take advantage of it anyway) so it won't matter in terms of performance.
  10. but the games in near future may require it. what do u say?
  11. At the resolutions you'll be gaming at, it won't matter, and the gpu itself won't be able to take advantage of more the 512 mb anyway.
  12. alright......thanx a lot :)
  13. Anytime, that's what we're here for. Good luck with your upgrade.
  14. Within 4k you would not get a better card than HD4670. If you can stretch it, 9800GT, HD4770, HD4850 are better choices for your 19 inch monitor.
  15. i would suggest 4850 512mb , it can be had for only around 2k more --- 6300 inr ... you would be happy that you got it instead ... it has double the power of 4670 .
  16. Its true that the 4850 is significantly faster than the 4670, but considering the rest of his setup (namely the 1.86 GHz core 2), he would have a bottleneck with anything more than a 4670. In short, the performance increase probably wouldn't correlate very well to the increased price he would pay.

    As for the monitor, we don't know the exact resolution, but assuming its around 1680 x 1050, and considering the rest of his hardware, the 4670 should be fine.
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