7850 grey line - fixed yet?

I've got the "grey lines" crashing problem with my graphics driver. Apparently it is caused by flash not being compatible with the ATI drivers. Is this actually what is going on, Its really frustrating because no matter who much I update drivers it keeps happening. Everything is at stock clocks and the system is new. Does anyone know a good thread that fixes this, I haven't found any yet.
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  1. Does this happen in Safe-Mode, too? always install/uninstall drivers in safe-mode anyways. I suggest using VGA mode for windows if you get the issue in safe-mode and then uninstall CCC, drivers, and anything else that's related to AMD video drivers. After that, download and install the latest drivers ccc
    btw. Until you try another video card in your system, you can't be sure that it's an issue with any other component.
    If drivers aren't the issue the only things that I can think of that would be wrong with your computer is that the card it self has gone bad (e.g. malfunctioning fan leading to overheating) or the PSU isn't providing enough power to the card
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