EMachines T5224 won't boot up after plugging in iPod


My daughter's PC was working fine when she turned it off last night. This morning she turned it on and before it boot up all the way she plugged her iPod and then the computer wouldn't finish booting up. When you turn it one, the fan runs and there is a one beep and the screen gives a no signal message and then goes black. Help, thank you.
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  1. Take the internal battery out for 10 minutes to reset the cmos.
  2. You may also want to look for boot to other device in the BIOS and disable this.
  3. has she tried bootingit up without the ipod attached? I had an older mainboard that would lock up at bios screen with a flash device in a usb port..
  4. We tried all these things plus a new power supply and nothing works. My cousin's friend is going to look at it for me and try to fix it. Thanks for your help.
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