PC Chips M810L with Athlon XP 2600 processor

Hello M810L users
I know that this is an old board from PC Chips, I have been told that the best processor that I can put on this board is a Athlon XP 2600 which I have, I would had expected at least a readout of at least 1.8 mhz but instead I am getting 1.24mhz, this is not what expected.
The question is, is it because my memory is set for 100 instead of 133 or can someone direct me to the correct configurations.
The BIOS even though PC Chips has not updated since 2003 has been updated using E-Support which realisticly shows updated in 2007 but somehow the BIOS readout has changed from the 2003 version from PC Chips, If I had to roll back to the 2003 version, is it safe, as usual I really don't like changing BIOS because it can render your machine useless, please help.
Can anybody help.
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  1. Are 100MHz and 133MHz your only options?
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