Dell Studio 540 CPU upgrade for virtualization

Has anyone had luck upgrading the Q8200 to the Q9400 chip on the Dell Studio 540? I expect the chip would work but my question is around enabling the virtualization. To enable it you do this in the BIOS and I don't have the option in my BIOS to turn on virtualization.
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  1. This is a question you'll probably have to ask Dell. BIOSes are different, and the feature may or may not activate when you install the chip, so (I'm sorry to say) call up Dell and ask.
  2. I know that an E8200 works in the dell studio and that has virtualization so i dont see why the Q9400 wouldn't.
  3. Dell is useless. Their response is "don't upgrade the cpu -- we don't recommend that" (even thought they offer the studio 540 with that chip). The q9400 will work. The entire problem is that to enable virtualization you need to enable it in the BIOS and Dell has told me "we don't support that". They are unable to tell me whether or not the feature would be enabled with a new chip.

    There was a recent "critical" bios upgrade posted for my machine dated 12/15/09 for version 1.0.7. However, my machine currently has version 1.0.12 dated 5/xx/09. A new post with an earlier version number? And Dell can't tell me why or even if I should upgrade.

    Dell customer support is useless.
  4. LOL yes they are funny they said dont upgrade thats hilarious.
  5. I have resolved my issue. Microsoft received so many complaints about the need for hardware virtualization that they have removed the requirement. Here is an article that discusses it.

    I have installed xp on my windows 7 machine and it is working fine so far. I've been able to re-isntall some of my old applications that would not work on my Windows7 64 bit machine.
  6. Nice. Glad everything worked out for you.

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