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Hi everybody,

I'm building a new system for the first time in a few years, and I think I finally have the list of components ready to order sometime this month. The build is primarily expected to be used as a recording rig, using an EchoAudio PCI Layla card that I already have. More cores are good, because I use a recording program that has multicore support. I have a preference for Intel over AMD, mostly because I've had a good experience with them in the past. Outside of recording, I want to make sure that the computer has an HDMI out and enough juice to play some relatively low-juice games like WoW and Sims 3, since it will be doubling as an HTPC on my big screen. I've never built a micro-ATX enclosure before, so that's somewhat of a concern, as I know that some people have issues with space. I don't have any intention of SLI or overclocking - I'm happy to let it run cool and slow. Already have a snazzy couple of monitors with 1080p, so I'd like to be able to run things at that resolution. Please let me know if anything in this build jumps out as a problem, since I know that everybody here is likely more advanced than I am at building :)

Lian-Li Case
Gigabyte Board
i5 Processor
4GB Memory
1 TB Hard Drive
Power Supply
Wireless Keyboard
IDE/USB Transfer

Again, thank you so much! Tom's is always where I go for hardware news first, and I'm excited to start hitting the boards!
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  1. Hold UP! red flags
    You have a core-i5 processor which utilizes socket 1156. The motherboard you chose is socket 775 and also deactivated. You cannot use a core-i5 in a socket 775 motherboard.
    Also you chose ddr2 ram, when really you will need ddr3 ram.

    The HD, case, and graphics cards are fine
  2. Good call!

    Let's try that again. How about this MB and memory:

    Gigabyte mATX MoBo:
    and Memory:

    as an aside, some of the reviews for the MoBo say it may not recognize full amount of RAM unless you use 1066 speed. Would it be better to go with this set instead?
    4GB 1066 DDR3:

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. At a resolution of 1920x1080, you may find it worthwhile to get a 5770 over a 5750 for the games you play, or might play in the future.
  4. Forget about the crucial ram. The first choice is better. The mobo choice seem good too.
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